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CityU is one of the participating institutions in the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) which is a scheme for local students with Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination results   
(past and / or current) to apply for admission.

Non-local students taking HKDSE examination should apply to CityU direct via our online application system.

Entrance Requirements

JUPAS applicants applying to CityU must meet the minimum General Entrance Requirements and programme specific requirements, if any.

General Entrance Requirements

English Language    

Level 3
Chinese Language    

Level 3

Level 2
Citizenship and Social Development    
Elective 1    

Level 3
Elective 2    

Level 3

Unspecified electives may include Category A elective subjects, Mathematics extended modules (M1 / M2) and Category C other language subjects. If students take both M1 and M2, they are counted as one subject only. Applied Learning (ApL) subjects are not counted as elective subjects, unless otherwise specified.   

Past results of Liberal Studies (Level 2 or above) are accepted for meeting the Citizenship and Social Development subject requirement in the General Entrance Requirements.   
Yet, results obtained in HKDSE Liberal Studies or HKDSE Citizenship and Social Development are not counted in the admission score calculation.

Scoring Scale

Category A Core / Elective Subjects :                    
5** = 7 ; 5* = 6 ; 5 = 5 ; 4 = 4 ; 3 = 3 ; 2 = 2 ; 1 = 1     

Category C Other Language Subjects :                    
A = 5 ; B = 4 ; C = 3 ; D = 2 ; E = 1  

Alternative Qualifications in Chinese Language (ACL) Replacing HKDSE Chinese Language (for Non-Chinese Speaking Applicants only):   
•    GCEAL:   Grade A* / A = 5 ; B / C = 4 ; D / E = 3   
•    GCEASL: Grade A = 5 ; B = 4 ; C / D / E = 3   
•    IGCSE / GCSE / GCEOL: Level 9 / 8 / 7 = 4 ; Level 6 / 5 / 4 = 3   
•    HKDSE Applied Learning: Attained / Attained with Distinction = 3

     If more than one admission score is available for an applicant based on this calculation, the best result will be considered.

Programme-Specific Entrance Requirements

Individual programme may have specific entrance requirements. View the details on the programme information pages

CityU will continue the flexibility towards the minimum entrance requirements for JUPAS applicants in 2024/25 entry. The details will be announced in due course.

5 Oct
JUPAS applications open
7 Oct
Undergraduate Information Day
7 Dec
Deadline for JUPAS applications
29 May
Deadline for changes to programme choices
Late May - July
Programme interviews
mid- to late June
Interview for applicants

Interview for applicants nominated through the School Principal's Nominations Scheme and School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme

17 July
Announcement of HKDSE results
18 - 20 July
Reprioritization of programme choices
7 Aug
Announcement of JUPAS Main Round Offers
22 Aug
Announcement of offers for applicants with upgraded HKDSE results

Admission Arrangements

JUPAS applicants are considered for admission to first-year studies in a Bachelor’s degree programme. Depending on the programme, students are either admitted directly to a major in the first year or admitted to a college / school / department with an undeclared major (enter a major after one year of study).

Students who wish to be considered for Joint Bachelor's Degree programmes must be enrolled in the majors concerned.

Application Procedures

Applicants who wish to submit their applications to JUPAS should check eligibility for application at the JUPAS website.

Eligible local HKDSE students should submit their applications via JUPAS following the application procedures and timeline.

Non-local students and students who are currently enrolled in full-time bachelor's degree programmes offered under JUPAS are not eligible to apply via JUPAS.

When submitting the JUPAS application, an applicant can choose a maximum of 20 programme choices. Please check out the programmes offered by CityU and their entrance requirements. CityU will consider information provided in the application and some programmes will invite selected applicants for interviews.

More details are available at the JUPAS website.

Interview Arrangements

Individual programmes may conduct interviews for selected applicants. Shortlisted applicants will be notified by email or phone. 

Please ensure that the e-mail address and telephone no. provided in your JUPAS application are valid and check e-mail regularly. Click here for the interview arrangements.

Fees and Scholarships

More details

Curriculum Structure and Award Classification

Curriculum Structure of Bachelor's Degree Programmes

JUPAS applicants are considered for admission to first-year studies in a Bachelor’s degree programme.

The curriculum structure of a four-year degree programme is as follows.

 Credit Requirements
Gateway Education30 credit units
College / School and Major RequirementsThe major requirement, plus any college / school requirement, should fall within the range of 54 – 72 credit units; and the major should not be less than 27 credit units. However, the college / school may propose a higher limit to meet the requirements of professional accreditation, or for a degree with a normal study duration longer than 4 years, subject to Senate’s approval. Please refer to the respective majors webpages for details.
Minor (optional)15 - 18 credit units
Free ElectivesTaken to fulfil the remaining credit requirements for graduation, if necessary
Minimum Credit Units for Graduation120 credit units, depending on major


Students are also required to fulfil English language and Chinese language requirements, and may be required to take additional language courses   depending on their entry qualifications in English / Chinese.

Award Classification System

The University has introduced a new degree award system starting from 2020 / 21. Under the new system, the top 15% of departmental / school graduates (based on CGPA ranking) will be recognised under three award categories: summa cum laude (Highest Distinction), magna cum laude (High Distinction) and cum laude (Distinction). Click here for details. 

Special Consideration / Admission Schemes

Special Consideration

SPN is a scheme which gives due recognition to applicants who have contributed to social services or made outstanding achievements in non-academic areas such as sports, music, social services, creative activities, other cultural activities, or who have demonstrated leadership abilities. 

School applicants who have the qualities mentioned above may be considered for nomination by their school principals. Nominated students may be given a conditional offer before the announcement of the HKDSE examination results, subject to meeting the stipulated conditions.

More details

SAAS aims to recognize student athletes with outstanding sports achievements for pursuing higher education at CityU. Applicants would receive special admissions consideration based on their sport achievements under the scheme.

More details

Applicants with a disability may submit information in relation to their disability to JUPAS office on a voluntary basis that they may receive offers as a result of the special considerations given by the Institutions. 

More details

Applicants' performances in OEA will be considered in addition to their academic results in the selection process. Applicants are encouraged to submit their OEA information (maximum 10 items) via their JUPAS accounts before the specified deadline. Applicants may be given special consideration for granting conditional offers based on their outstanding OEA. 

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Special Admission Schemes

SNDAS is a school nominations scheme introduced by the Education Bureau (EDB). It aims at recognising the talent of local students that could not be fully assessed by the HKDSE. Firm offers will be given to successful SNDAS student nominees in June, prior to the release of the HKDSE Examination results. 

For 2024 entry, CityU has 27 programmes joining SNDAS. Each local secondary school has two quotas for nominating students. 

More details

SALSA is initiated by the University Grants Committee to offer university education opportunities to elite athletes of Hong Kong in quest of their dual career development in sports and in academics. Firm offers will be given to successful applicants under the scheme 

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